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As one of the highly sought after fields for students who have crossed their higher-secondary threshold, hotel management has only gained popularity over the years. It involves managing everything a hotel has to offer, and that includes the marketing, administration, housekeeping, food management, accounts, catering, and maintenance, among others.

At Shivansh Overseas Educare, we aim to help students pursue their studies in hotel management in places such as Mauritius, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Middle East, and all the European countries that pave a pathway to London and other foreign lands. The principal aim of our service is to provide students with ample opportunities that will help them enhance their skill-set and be exposed to a multicultural environment.

We are in touch with the top institutions offering hotel management in the aforementioned places. Students, by applying for such institutions, will get the opportunity to be trained under the world’s leading experts and academicians. Along with facilitating the visa obtainment process for students, we also provide a thorough counselling session on the institution to study. An opportunity to work in those countries after you complete your education is also an added advantage that you receive. We facilitate the smooth obtainment of work permit visas for those interested to find employment there as well.

As a study abroad consultant, Shivansh Overseas Educare provides comprehensive guidance to students. Our expertise in the field helps to ease the entire procedure of admission and wraps it up quickly. So, should you be looking for consultants to help you pursue a hotel management course in the top institutions of Mauritius, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Middle East, or any European country and build a lucrative career in the global hospitality sector, then get in touch with us today!

Importantly, hotel management degree holders or students pursing 3rd year of the course are eligible to get a free work permit in Australia, Middle East, European countries, Mauritius and Singapore.